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Acquiring and post-processing 3D data in Anthropology and Archaeology

Nowadays the virtual environment is becoming pivotal in anthropology, archaeology, medical and dental field. New technologies for acquiring and post-processing three-dimensional (3D) image data, originally developed for medicine and engineering, are increasingly being applied in anthropology and archaeology for data collection, preservation and analysis. The 3D digital models can be considered as faithful copies of the original data, which can be used for non-invasive analysis, exhibition and, most importantly, for the digital preservation of the world's cultural heritage. Unfortunately, the Cultural Heritage can be stolen or even destroyed: a virtual archive will prevent this from happening by preserving the memories it contains.
The summer-school in “ACQUIRING AND POST PROCESSING 3D DATA IN ANTHROPOLOGY AND ARCHAEOLOGY” is suitable for undergraduate/graduate students, PhD students, post-doctorates in the field of anthropology, archaeology, medicine and dentistry who are interested in developing basic, but fundamental, skills in 3D data acquisition and post processing. The participant will learn different kinds of technologies for 3D data acquisition (e.g., surface scans, X-ray computed tomography – CT), methods for post processing surface data and segmenting/visualizing image data from (micro)-CT sources to create 3D digital models. We aim to provide the participants the knowledge to create 3D digital models (starting from different sources) useful for further specific analysis/visualization/3D printing. Teaching is arranged with both lectures and practical sessions by experts in the field.

Dr. STEFANO BENAZZI Department of Cultural Heritage, University of Bologna
Dr. LAURA BUTI Department of Cultural Heritage, University of Bologna
Dr. DANIELE PANETTA CNR Institute of Clinical Physiology, Pisa
Eng. MASSIMILIANO FANTINI Department of Engineering, University of Bologna
Dr. TIMOTHY M. RYAN Pennsylvania State University

DURATION: 26 –30 June 2017

The summer school is open up to 30 students. However a minimum of 10 participants is required. Since the available workstations are limited to 30, it is advisable to apply as soon as possible.

All teaching is in English. Each participant will be provided with a workstation equipped with software to work indi-vidually and 3D data for training. Custom topics might be explored, if participants provide their own dataset.

250 € undergraduate and graduate, phd students
400 € post doc, researchers and others
(The fee includes coffee breaks and insurance premium for injuries and civil liability)

ACCOMODATION: For detailed information and facilities email to Cinzia Cortesi (

VENUE: Department of Cultural Heritage (Via degli Ariani 1, 48121 Ravenna)

DIRECTOR: Dr. Stefano Benazzi

CONTACTS: Cinzia Cortesi,  Fondazione Flaminia,  via Baccarini 27, 48121 Ravenna Tel. +39 0544 34345 Fax +39 0544 35650 e-mail:


To register to the Summer School and reserve a spot, partici-pants are required to fill out the application form no later than May 20th, 2017.
The payment must be transferred exclusively in euros by through bank transfer on IBAN code, after communication by email from the Summer School Board.