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Migration imaginaries: meanings, policies and concepts

Attualità/inattualità del sapere antropologico. Seminario di antropologia culturale e sociale.

04/12/2019 dalle 16:30

Dove Sala Conferenze, terzo piano, via degli Ariani 1, Ravenna

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Paolo Gaibazzi
(ZMO [Lebniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient], Berlino)

This seminar will focus on the imagination of migration, especially in the places of origin. Building on ethnographic inquiries in rural and urban Gambia, we will analyze the local and global dynamics that have made migration a central horizon of prospective life opportunities in several countries of West Africa and the Global South, particularly among young people. We would then discuss some of the main analytical and conceptual tools for studying the imaginaries, aspirations and desires surrounding migration (and staying put). Far from being a mere academic concern, the imaginary of migration is the subject of heated public debate and migration policies in countries of origin of international migrants and refugees, an aspect that will be discussed in the last part of the seminar.